Adapting Stories for Re-Telling

The Partisan Teller: Storytelling in the First Person

1 session, three hours per session
Participants: Min: 8 people; Max: 15 people

Storytellers often tell from the point of view of the omniscient narrator, and prefer not to enter the realm of telling their chosen story in the first person. If you wish to broaden your storytelling repertoire and techniques, let experienced storytelling coach and playwright Verena Tay share with you practical tips on how to change your storytelling perspective, infuse suspense... {Details}.

Timeless Tales: Bringing Yesterday’s Stories into Today

2 sessions, three hours per session
Participants: Min: 10 people; Max: 20 people

Ancient folk tales, fables, myths and legends are excellent stories to retell in themselves. Yet the impact of these stories on some of your listeners may increase if you could somehow reset the story in a modern context. Using selected Aesop’s fables as a starting point, Timeless Tales aims to share with you some tips and tricks of... {Details}.