A Matter of Evil

What is evil? Have you encountered it before?

Date: 31 Oct – 1 Nov 2008


Location: Classroom 2 (2nd Floor)
The Substation

What is evil? Have you encountered it before? And what is worse: the darkness that lies without in other beings, or the darkness that lies within the depths of us all? Our tales will do more than explore these various facets of evil- they will reach beyond and touch the irrational, the supernatural and the unspeakable… Listen to our tales of evil and we guarantee that chills of fear will run up and down your spine…

Order of Stories:

The Woodcutter & the Bird (Korea): Retold by Kamini

The Gravedigger (Malaysia/Singapore): Retold by Verena

The Haunted House (inspired by a traditional American story): Retold by Nancy


Lovesick for Mina (inspired by British and American sources): Retold by Ferlin

Mallika & Vikas (Native America/Set in India): Retold by Kamini

Heart of Ice (Micmac, Native America): Retold by Verena


Kamini Ramachandran 

Verena Tay


Nancy Leppard

Ferlin Jayatissa