MoonShadow Stories

MoonShadow Stories was founded in November 2004 with the sole aim of promoting the lost art of the oral narrative tradition. MoonShadow Stories strongly believes that if the beauty and wonder of storytelling can be reintroduced to adults, then children will benefit. MoonShadow Stories is the first contemporary storytelling entity in Singapore to spearhead storytelling for adults and performance storytelling. MoonShadow Stories passionately promotes the tradition of storytelling through re-telling and sharing of oral stories to a variety of audiences both young and old, in Singapore and in other countries.

MoonShadow Stories organizes storytelling performances and workshops for both adults and children. They provide customized storytelling training and storytelling content creation for private organizations and government entities, educational and commercial institutions, literary and storytelling festivals, counselling and therapeutic agencies as well as provide publications and research advice.