Alden Biesen International Storytelling Festival 2014

A Festival at The Storytelling Castle

Kamini will be a featured storyteller at this festival held in Alden Biesen Castle, Bilzen, Belgium

Date: 20 – 30 Apr 2014
Location: The Storytelling Castle
Alden Biesen

For fourteen years the Landcommanderij Alden Biesen has been the setting for an international storytelling festival based in Bilzen, Belgium. Storytellers from many countries share stories for young and old and they all tell in their mother tongue.

The Alden Biesen storytelling festival lasts 9 days. During the week, the programme is oriented towards students and adult learners. About 100 schools send 12,000 pupils and students to the festival. For youngsters, the stories are in Dutch but from ages 16 years above, one can choose between Dutch, English, French and German; the 4 languages Flemish schools have in their curriculum.

During the weekend the festival has a programme for families and adults with story walks, multilingual storytelling evenings, aperitif sessions and a Sunday afternoon festival including street theatre and music.

Students from higher education also attend the festival including groups from the foreign language and teacher training departments.
Recently the festival also runs a programme for adult education (evening classes in foreign languages). The festival offers native speaker storytellers for the German, French, English, Spanish, Potuguese and Italian classes and a Flemish storyteller for immigrant groups who learn Dutch as a foreign language.