Beyond Storytelling 101

A Workshop for Intermediate Level Storytellers

Have you been telling stories for some time already and wondered how you can improve your storytelling skills? If yes, then Beyond Storytelling 101 is for you! Beyond Storytelling 101 aims to enhance participants’ ability to adapt stories for telling and to hone their delivery skills over 12 hours of coaching.

Date: 30 Apr – 8 May 2012

7.00pm - 10.00pm

Location: At a condo, near Newton MRT

S$320 for 12 hours



30 April, 1 May, 4 May, 8 May

Areas Covered:

How to choose and adapt stories for performance
Telling for children vs. telling for adults
Vocal skills: speech clarity, projection, expressiveness
Presentation skills: awareness of body language, use of gestures, working with props/visual aids
Rehearsal skills: regarding different methods of preparation
Performance skills: physical & vocal warm-ups, how to overcome nerves, coping with gaffes

Target Participants:

This is NOT a workshop for beginners. This workshop is geared for participants who have been telling stories actively for some time and wish to improve their telling skills.

Pre-Workshop Preparation:

Participants who are able to communicate fluently in English are welcome.
Please come dressed in loose, comfortable clothing so that you will not feel constricted while doing the various breathing and vocal exercises.
Please have ready 2 stories that you would like to learn to tell or to improve the telling of.


“The workshop was fabulous!! ... It’s been an eye opener in terms of what goes on behind the scenes to say a good story with impact. An absolute blessing to learn from a powerful storyteller like yourself !!  Thanks ever so much!”

Nandini Nagpal

“Experience the power of storytelling in this experiential workshop. See your story come to life.”

Lynn Yap

“Experience the power of storytelling in this experiential workshop. See your story come to life.”

Lynn Yap

“Your frank assessment of my presentation makes me want to be a better storyteller… I am grateful and thankful for opening your resources and expertise to groom us to be good storytellers. You are a great teacher.”

Surendran Sathiamurthi