Food Lore in Storytelling - Telegram Talk

Part of Goodman Grows

Live conversation on the Kawan Kebun Goodman Telegram Channel.

Date: 25 Nov 2021

9.00pm – 10.00pm (SGT)

Location: Online, Telegram



For Arts House Limited / Goodman Grows

Food: we grow it, process it, preserve it, trade it, buy it, cook it, eat it.

As food transforms with culture, how do folktales shape the way traditions, beliefs and rituals surrounding food are viewed? 

Whether it’s tales of herbs and superpowers, supernatural transformation thanks to magic food, rice fields and cursed islands – explore the tales that have survived through the ages. 

Listen to the live conversation with Kamini Ramachandran and Nova Ceceliana Nelson on the Kawan Kebun Goodman Telegram Channel here.


Goodman Grows · "Food Lore In Storytelling" With Kamini Ramachandran