Credit: Third Street Studio for Dreamseeds Arts Fest 2021
Credit: thatzanelee
Credit: thatzanelee
Credit: thatzanelee
Credit: thatzanelee
Credit: Dreamseeds Arts Festival 2021

Mentorship for Dreamseeds Arts Fest 2021

Dreamseeds Arts Fest 2021

Mentorship for junior storytellers.

Date: 27 Nov – 1 Dec 2021
Location: Online

For Dreamseeds Arts Festival / Club Rainbow (Singapore)

Through weekly sessions over two months, Kamini Ramachandran mentored two children who would helm Dreamseeds Arts Fest 2021’s digital edition as emcees. To prepare them for hosting a virtual experience, the children were introduced to a variety of storytelling techniques. 

Highlights from the mentorship included:

Encouraging free expression 
Using simple hand puppets, the children created character voices and dialogue.

Sharpening ability to be spontaneous 
With story games such as story dice, the children practised how to quickly spin a story based on symbols. This way, they were more prepared to respond as hosts.

Listening and respecting the storyteller or speaker 
Through story cards, the children used visual storytelling and connected short narratives to build a larger story. 

Presenting to a camera
Before the festival, filming conditions were simulated at Kamini’s studio at Goodman Arts Centre. This gave the children the chance to become familiar with big bright lights, microphones, and rehearse their lines while looking into the camera. They also gained awareness and received feedback before final filming.

For more on the mentorship, Kamini’s inspiration for the process, and snippets of the children as hosts, catch the 4-min video reel here.

Watch the full Dreamseeds Arts Fest 2021 online festival video here:

Dreamseeds Arts Fest 2021 is an arts development initiative organised by Club Rainbow (Singapore), a non-profit that supports and empowers children with chronic illnesses.