Ramayana, The Asian Epic

Part of Singapore International Storytelling Festival 2011

Date: 31 Aug 2011

7.30 - 9.00pm

Location: The Gallery Theatre, National Museum Singapore

Adults: S$20 (aged 13 years and above)
Child: S$10 (aged 7-12 years)


For Singapore International Storytelling Festival / Singapore Book Council (formerly National Book Development Council of Singapore)

The Ramayana travelled from India to China and all of South East Asia and greatly influenced most of Asia’s storytelling genres from wayang kulit to dance to puppetry and masks. Adapted by Kamini Ramachandran, this great epic of love, adventure, demons and kings will be retold by Singapore’s best loved storytellers. Leave the Kingdom of Ayodhya and enter the Dandaka Forest and travel to the Island of Lanka with royal princes, a kidnapped princess, a monkey general and of course the ten-headed leader of the rakshasa demons! Be enchanted and be transported into the realm of ancient legend!


Dear Kamini,
Congratulations to you, Sheila, Verena, Helen, Jessie and Mabel on a wonderful Ramayana story telling. My 4 friends and my daughter enjoyed themselves very much! Of course me too! Having many story tellers to continue the story made it very interesting indeed. The costumes were good - a variety of colours too! Voice projection was good too. The passion to tell could be felt very much by the audience.

– Ignatius Ng (Story Lab)

Dear Kamini,
Thank you for an incredible performance event last night! I've been attending & enjoying the entire SISF (my first time), and Ramayana really capped off the entire thing in an amazing fashion. Many kudos to you and ALL of last night's storytellers, each of whom brought their own particular styles to the story. I thought the construction of the event was just right--I'd even take in the whole thing again!
My exposure to ALL of the conferences & events has been very nourishing & enlightening. Thanks so much.

– John Weaver (Storyteller, San Francisco, USA)

The Singapore International Storytelling Festival recently had the Ramayana staged through story telling. My good friend, Kamini was adapting it to 6 wonderful storytellers. And I just had to go watch and listen for myself. The whole Ramayana within 2 hours and 6 storytellers, that’s a challenge. And I was not disappointed! Thank you Kamini for the wonderful time! Till next year! I am so looking forward!

– Mohammad Mustakim (Wordpress Blog Musxzart

It was an honour to watch all of you perform. My friend, Rose, from Bali, was very much impressed and inspired. She's never seen the Ramayana this way before – she's watched many Ramayana performances in Bali and they all come with some overstated pyrotechnics. We both agree there's much merit in the story told for the sake of the story!

– Denise Tan (Advertising & Promotions Manager at Bookaburra)