Reflections 2018 - Moon Magick

Reflections – Republic Polytechnic’s Community Arts Festival

Storytelling performance accompanied by music from Desiree Orien Tay.

Date: 2 Nov 2018

7:30pm - 9:30pm

Location: The Republic Cultural Centre, Level 2 Studio

Free with registration.


Strange things happen on moonlit nights. The moon pulls and pushes and casts a spell over our hearts and minds. She has long been the muse for artists and a symbol of constant change.

Listen to stories of passionate love that transcend the earthly realm. Enter the celestial world of star sisters who fought for attention. And what happens when you see faces outside your window in the dead of night?

Be spellbound as you share the space with master storyteller Kamini Ramachandran at this one-night only storytelling experience for adult audiences. Kamini will be accompanied by musician Desiree Orien Tay.

Note: This experience is restricted to audiences 16-years old and above only. 


About Reflections – Republic Polytechnic’s Community Arts Festival

Reflections – Republic Polytechnic’s Community Arts Festival is a month-long festival of music, dance, theatre and visual arts. Every year in October - November, we come together to celebrate our student talents and promote a common appreciation of arts in the community by featuring both students and professionals in a wide array of programmes