What are the secrets of a storyteller?
Kamini shares her tricks of the trade
Storytelling ... in a nutshell!
Participants get moving!
Getting into Story Maps
Questions for the Storyteller ...
Coordination of the Eyes, Mind, Speech and Actions!

Secrets Of A Storyteller

Storytelling Workshop for The Esplanade's Bitesize

Master storyteller Kamini Ramachandran shares the practical techniques and fundamental skills of a storyteller

Date: 17 May 2015

2.00pm - 4.00pm

Location: Rehearsal Studio
The Esplanade



Storytelling is one of the oldest forms of communication. It is as relevant in the 21st century as it was during the early periods of orality, cave-drawings, and animated speech. How does a storyteller weave a web of magic over the audience that lasts for hours? What role do gestures and expressions play as non-verbal communication? How does he or she remember a repertoire of stories without memorisation? Find out what are some of the secrets to good storytelling.
Master storyteller Kamini Ramachandran shares practical techniques and fundamental skills that anybody can apply. Understand the power of the voice, body and breath in this interactive workshop and be introduced to various non-verbal communication techniques that will enhance storytelling. Get inside information to a storyteller’s secret bag of tricks and find out how to give memorable performances and engage your audiences.

About the Artist
Kamini Ramachandran has one of the most unique voices in storytelling. She is one of few contemporary storytellers who underwent the master-apprentice process of inheriting her repertoire of stories. She has played a vital role in the revival of storytelling in Singapore and around the world. Her course, The Storytelling Intensive, which caters to performing arts students at LASALLE College of the Arts, has a strong focus on Asian oral content and is the only kind taught at an institution of higher arts education. A founding member, former President (2008–2012) and current Vice President (2012–present) of the Storytelling Association (Singapore), she is also Artistic Director of the Singapore International Storytelling Festival. Kamini has been a featured storyteller at international festivals in Scotland, England, Rome, Chennai, Bangalore, Kuala Lumpur, Sydney and Belgium.