Singapore International Storytelling Festival 2012

Celebrating Asian Stories from a Global Perspective

The National Book Development Council of Singapore is pleased to announce the appointment of Ms Kamini Ramachandran as its Artistic Director for the 2012 Singapore International Storytelling Festival.
Kamini is co-founder of MoonShadow Stories and an internationally established professional storyteller. She is also a founding member of the Storytelling Association (Singapore) where she served four years as President. Drawing on her extensive knowledge of stories and the storytelling craft she has been instrumental in the revival of the art of storytelling in Singapore.
As Artistic Director for SISF, Kamini will be responsible for curating SISF 2012 and SISF 2013. During her tenure she will mentor and train Book Council staff in the finer points of programming for storytelling events and share her domain knowledge and her contacts in the storytelling world with the Council staff.

Date: 31 Aug – 5 Sep 2012
Location: The Arts House
No:1 Old Parliament Lane

For Singapore International Storytelling Festival / Singapore Book Council (formerly National Book Development Council of Singapore)

Singapore International Storytelling Festival 2012

31 August - 5 September / The Arts House

This year at the Singapore International Storytelling Festival (SISF), we are celebrating Asian stories with a global perspective. Join renowned storytellers for workshops and performances and enjoy the diversity of Asia through Monkey King: Journey to the West told by Diane Wolkstein, a keertan session where stories are sung and Rakugo – Japanese sit-down comedy.

Asian Congress of Storytellers

1st - 2nd Sep / 9.30am - 5pm / The Arts House

A meeting of professional storytellers that nurtures and empowers through keynote addresses, workshops and performances that offer in-depth involvement in diverse areas of storytelling. Teachers, librarians, professionals, parents and aspiring storytellers will have the opportunity to share the insights of the storytelling experts coming to our shores.

The Monkey King: Journey to the West

Fri 31st Aug / 7.30pm - 9.30pm / The Arts House

Monkey King: Journey to the West is one of the three great Chinese epics written in the sixteenth century. It recounts the poingnant and humorous adventures of the impetuous, all powerful Monkey King, whose concerns are himself, and the pure-hearted determined Tang Priest, who wants to help others.Together they struggle not only with the demons and ogres, but with one another, as they travel from China to India to bring back the Buddhist scriptures.

With unexpected movement and song, Wolkstein breaks open the text, encouraging the audience to question the path of goodness vs. the path of power and how they might be integrated then – and now.

International Storytellers Showcase

Sat 1st & Sun 2nd Sep / 7.30pm - 9.30pm / The Arts House

A spectacular line-up of international storytellers sharing stories from around the world! Listen to Indonesian fables of animals that talk, Maori legends of fairies and tricksters, Haitian folktales of magic, Japanese comic stories, classical Indian epics and riddle tales. Stories with music, stories with songs, stories with games and stories to fill your hearts!

Asian Stories

Sat 1st & Sun 2nd Sep / 2pm - 3pm / The Arts House

A special performance that honours and celebrates the rich oral heritage of Asia! Stories from China, India, Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Borneo brought to life by our very own storytellers from Singapore. Tales of great Rajas who ruled the realm, reckless pirates that tormented the seas, comic fools that forever invited trouble, ghosts that spook, wishes granted, witty animals, supernatural forces, brave women and more.


Mon 3rd Sep / 10am - 5pm / The Arts House

A full day workshop targeted at experienced storytellers to hone their skills.

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