Storytelling Today: ‘Animated & Interactive Storytelling’

Date: 7 Feb 2022

7pm - 8pm

Location: via Zoom

Free with registration


Storytelling Today:
‘Animated & Interactive Storytelling’
Using story prompts, learn how to find your unique voice, develop ideas, and breathe life into story characters.
Join the professional storytellers as they share their crafts.
About Storytelling Today:
Storytelling is an inseparable part of human history. From cave painting in prehistoric dwellings to modern-day entertainment, such as books and plays, humans use stories to convey information to each other and connect communities.
Authors and professional storytellers will share their crafts this February. Feature speakers include Neil Humphreys & Kamini Ramachandran; Annaliza Bakri & Nazry Bahrawi; Eva Nava Wong & Sa'eda Buang; Suffian Hakim & Tunku Halim.