Storytelling @ Work

Trade Secrets: Unleash The Storyteller Within

Storytelling workshop as part of NAC's [email protected] programme

Date: 18 Oct 2013

9.00am - 5.00pm

Location: Singapore Training and Development Association (STADA)
16 Arumugam Road
#06-01 Lion Building D
Singapore 409961

Kamini Ramachandran's customized storytelling workshop Trade Secrets: Unleash The Storyteller Within is part of her content for the National Arts Council's [email protected] Programme.

[email protected] is a new initiative by the National Arts Council to bring programmes into the workplace so that working adults have more opportunities to engage with the arts. Arts programmes are specially curated to be bite-sized, relevant and appealing to busy professionals, and to meet organisations’ staff engagement needs.

This full-day session was conducted for 23 employees of Keppel Corporation, Singapore.


Trade Secrets: Unleash the Storyteller Within!

Workshop Outline


From the perspective of a practicing oral storyteller, this workshops aims to:

1.       Empower you with tools of effective communication.

2.       Impart techniques in remembering, recalling and recapping a repertoire of stories.

3.       Create awareness and foster control of your voice, body and breath.

4.       Harness the power of the non-verbal skills you have.


This workshop reveals the tricks of the trade behind a successful storyteller. Participants are guided by an expert in the field in unlocking their inner storyteller. Once you know your story like the back of your hand, you will be able to communicate confidently and effectively.

Programme Outline:


The awareness, correction, exercising and preparation of:

1.       vocals

2.       breath

3.       posture/stance/body

The Power of the non-Voices:

1.       Expression: facial

2.       Gesture: hands

3.       Non Verbal Communication: saying it effectively and convincingly minus words

4.       Movement: aligning our movements to the words we speak

5.       Eye Contact: capturing your audience

Internalizing vs Memorizing a Story (content):

1.       tell it to the walls

2.       speed talking

3.       interrupter questioner

4.       keyword analysis

5.       story mapping

The 3 Pivots of Story:

1.       Introduction

2.       Middle

3.       Ending

This workshop is highly interactive with a strong focus on preparation of the physical self before moving on to communication skills.

Participants will be guided through a variety of exercises and activities, as individuals, in pairs and as groups to explore the fundamentals of effective communication.

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The workshop content for Trade Secrets: Unleash The Storyteller Within belongs to Kamini Ramachandran.


Out of a weighted score from 1 - 6, the Workshop received an overall rating of 5.1

Out of a weighted score of 1 - 6, the Trainer received an overall score of 5.5 

Areas of the workshop that were beneficial to the participants:

Exercise / Breathing & how to do an effective presentation
Teaching of posture and voice projection
Illustration of each section
Awareness of the body, breathing, standing
Interactive, engaging, Trainer is knowledgable on topic
Non verbal communication & physical demonstration
Interesting Programme
Voice and facial exercise
The class pace was good and the concepts were cleared
All of it

Learning points from the workshop that participants can apply in their daily work:

Speaking & body language - I will be aware of myself when I speak or give a presentation
More understanding about storyteller within
Improve my confidence and get well prepared before presentations
I can use it for my monthly presentation
Apply on presentations. To learn to project voice better to the audience
By negotiating with guests
Use in my presentations in / out presentations
To be more aware of the body, gesture and voice when doing presentations and when communicating with colleagues
Presentations - in terms of preparation work. Action Plans - good to practise speech at the wall or in front of the mirror
To make the sharing session more engaging with the audience
Able to know what to emphasize more in presentation
How to be a better speaker to attract and retain / capture the attention of your listeners
Improve my presentations
The skills learning from this training can be applied when meeting with vendors and clients
Group Meeting to have better communication with my team mates
When making presentations
Articulating points during discussions etc
Posture and confidence in giving presentations