Storytelling Workshop for Fashion

For BA Fashion Design & Textiles Students

Workshop for Creative Portfolio: Historical Dress & New Technologies Module

Date: 30 Sep – 14 Oct 2015

2.00pm - 4.00pm

Location: LASALLE College of the Arts
No: 1 McNally Street

A special workshop for BA Fashion Design & Textiles students at LASALLE College of the Arts.

This special workshop will focus on storytelling for communicating ideas behind a collection or brand.

This storytelling workshop aims to help students to explore their unique expressiveness to assist them to articulate the story behind their label. The experience will heighten their ability to communicate the ideas behind their fashion collection concept and construct a strong narrative that will support the presentation and the development of their graduate collection, in a lucid manner. 

The benefits of this workshop transcend the art experience to support daily life skills. Storytelling is a reminder that spoken words are powerful, that listening is important, and that clear communication between us and the other is an art.   

Dates: Wednesdays 30th Sep, 7th Oct, 14th Oct (2 hours per workshop)

This workshop is not open to the public.