Preschool Teachers Storytelling Workshop
Kamini shares a story
Technique demonstration
Using hand puppets
Important Aspects of Storytelling
Trying out paper puppets
Participants use character voices
Creating characters out of paper
Articulating your puppet
Hand action storytelling
Story Boards
Empowering beginners through story boards
Visuals for storytelling
Pictures tell a story
Trying out large animal puppets
Crocodile comes alive!
Wolf in the house!
Felt books
Felt Gloves
Velcro Finger Puppets

Storytelling Workshop for Pre-School Teachers

Introduction to Storytelling

A customized workshop targeted at pre-school teachers

Date: 7 Dec 2013

1.30pm - 4.30pm

Location: Carpe Diem Young Joy
Bukit Panjang

A customized storytelling workshop targeted at pre-school teachers.

Areas Covered

Awareness & Correction of:

1. The Body

2. The Breath

3. The Voice

The Power of Non-Verbal Communication:

1. Pauses and Silence

2. Expression

3. Gestures

4. Eye Contact

Audience Involvement:

1. Interaction

2. Participation

Introduction to and the manipulation of storytelling props and tools:

1. Large Puppets

2. Hand & Finger Puppets

3. Felt Boards/Books/Gloves and Velcro Puppets

4. Kamishibai Story Boards

5. Story Cards

6. Masks

Crafts & Storytelling:

Ideas for simple, affordable and recycled-material crafts:

1. Paper hand puppet

2. Toilet-Roll puppet