The results of this Workshop!
Participants are taught how to use craft props to tell a story
Busy making craft props
A sample of Kamini's homemade bag of tricks
Cardboard rolls transformed into a story diorama!
Articulating paper puppets - using both hands!
Participants trying out telling stories
A range of craft materials laid out for the workshop
Happy group of mothers and their final craft products!

Storytelling With Crafts

A Storytelling Workshop incorporating the making and use of various crafts as props

A 3 hour workshop focusing on storytelling skills using homemade props

Date: 10 Jun 2012

3.30pm - 6.30pm

This workshop is a continuation of Telling Stories To Young Children: A 3 hour workshop focusing on storytelling skills especially for a young audience.

This workshop is based on various simple crafts.

This workshop will demonstrate 3 craft concepts that a parent can make either by themselves or with a child.

The crafts are linked and connected to the stories as character-based items.

The workshop will also focus on how to use these craft items to tell a story effectively.

This workshop is about personalization of the characters and props and making it special for you and your child.

Possible crafts that can be incorporated in this workshop:

1. Popsicle stick paper puppets - silhouettes / cut-outs

2. Cardboard roll (inner core) - standing characters / objects for diorama setting

3. Stone painting - character faces / bodies

4. Story Theatre - background and 2 movable characters

5. Stiff paper puppets - for articulation as a 'head' for characters