The student Monument Ambassadors getting ready to project their voices

Storytelling Workshop For Monument Ambassadors

A Workshop for Raffles Institution's Ambassadors for Preservation of Monuments Board

A targeted 2 hour storytelling workshop focused on telling in public, to the public. This workshop also emphasized the importance of crafting a historical story suitable for live storytelling.

Date: 8 Mar 2012

2.45pm - 4.45pm

Location: Humanities Room
Raffles Institution Singapore

The Preservation of Monuments Board (part of National Heritage Board Singapore) requested for a targeted workshop for their student Monument Ambassadors from Raffles Institution. The students were shown the difference between crafting a story suitable for reading as opposed to suitable for telling to the public. They were taken through the various performance skills necessary for successful storytelling in public spaces. Tips on how to make historical stories come alive were shared, as well as tips on keeping the audience engaged through participation activities.