Kamini telling under the tree ... The story of The Dato' Tree

Supernatural Stories

Play It Back

Kamini will be at Play It Back telling tales from the supernatural genre

Date: 24 – 25 Mar 2012

8.40pm - 9.10pm

Location: Esplanade Park



Play It Back celebrates the food, music, stories, dance and everything of yesteryear Singapore! Kamini will be at Esplanade Park on Saturday and Sunday nights, sharing The Dato Tree' and Umpong Umpong & Babakud. Come and listen to tales of Nenek Kebayan (the sorceress) and spirits that live in banyan trees. Listen to Kamini as she brings life to these age old tales told underneath an ancient tree in the beautiful Esplanade Park.


Story Reference/s

Umpong-Umpong & Babakud (Borneo, Sarawak)
The Dato’ Tree (Malaysia)