Tell Your Story Right: Writing an Effective Bio & Pitch

Producers Social #18 x Goodman Arts Centre

Customised workshop for the arts community.

Date: 30 Apr 2019

8:00pm - 10:00pm

Location: The Storytelling Centre Limited @ Goodman Arts Centre



For Producers SG

Have you ever struggled trying to write your biography, or to craft an elevator pitch to people at a networking session about yourself and your work?
If you are keen to learn new ways of how you can write a succinct bio and pitch your project effectively to appeal to partners and presenters, then this workshop is for you.

Led by master storyteller Kamini Ramachandran, in this tailor-made workshop for the arts community, you will learn what makes an effective bio and project pitch. There will be guided exercises with prompts for you to start writing your bio and pitches in creative and relevant ways.

Upon completion of this 2-hour workshop, participants will have a draft of a new bio and pitch which they may continue to develop and refine.

Important Notes
Limited capacity - 20 pax only.
As we would like to anchor the workshop within the arts and to focus on presence and creativity, we will be using pen and paper to write and draw. We kindly request that participants leave their laptops and electronic devices at the door. Please bring your preferred personal writing materials instead: pens, journals or notebooks, etc. Writing materials will be provided should you require them.
The workshop will take place at the studio of The Storytelling Centre @ Goodman Arts Centre. Participants may choose to sit at a table or lounge on the studio floor, whichever best suits to stimulate their writing. Please dress comfortably and footwear must be removed before entering the studio.

About Producers SG

Producers SG is a Singapore-based community network for independent producers, arts managers, and self-producing artists. We aim to offer support towards other independent artists, producers and small companies and groups who are not always funded or supported by an institution, to make art more effectively and successfully.