Tales of Surprise and Suspense from Around the World

Have a seat, get comfortable, listen and be amazed at the unexpected elements of our stories...

Date: 23 – 24 Oct 2009

8.00 p.m.

Location: Classroom 2,
Level 2,
45 Armenian Street

$10 (16-years-old and above only)

A gripping night of tales from around the world by a wonderful group of tellers not to be missed!

Twists is a performance by participants from the Beyond Storytelling 101 intermediate storytelling workshop that was conducted during Jul-Aug 2009 by Verena Tay.

Featured Tellers:

David Bok, Kordial Kor, Lim Peng Peng, Ignatius Ng, Ng Seng Chuan, Kala Sundaram, Tan Joo Hymn, Thong Geok Lee

Order of Stories

The Serpent Lover (India)

~Retold by Kordial~

 In trying to win back her unfaithful husband, Kamakshi gains the King of Snakes as her lover. Be charmed by the serpentine twists of this ancient folktale

Ghost Month

~Told by Peng Peng~

The 7th month of the Lunar Calendar is believed to be a time when ghosts roam around freely in the mortal world. During the 'Ghost Month' some years ago, Peng Peng had some strange personal encounters in her home.

The Story of Susanna (from The Apocrypha)

~Retold by Seng Chuan~

Falsely accused of adultery, what is the beautiful Susanna, wife of a wealthy merchant to do?. Listen and find out how Justice is eventually done.

Two Fast Ones 

~Told by Ignatius~

Two short and suggestive tales. Are things really what they seem to be?


Dirty Harry (America)

~Retold by Geok Lee~

Harry is a dog who loves everything except baths. One day, he runs away from home, seking adventure and gets himself really dirtied. Now Harry is in trouble because he has changed so much that even  his own family doesn't recognize him.

The Monkey's Paw (Edwardian)

~Retold by Kala Sundaram~

The White family come into possession of a magical monkey's paw that will grant the owner three wishes. What wishes does Mr White make and how are these wishes fulfilled? Listen and be chilled...

The Old Woman & The Devil (Arabia)

~Retold by Joo Hymn~

An old woman challenges The Devil to a bet: If he loses, he will leave the town and not fight with her over her shady spot near the market. So how does she win the wager?

The Great Debate (based on an anecdote from David's friend)

~Retold by David ~

In medieval times, how did the Pope and a Jewish Rabbi settle the fate of the Jewish people in Italy through a great debate? Listen and understand life from a fresh perspective...