Introduction to Storytelling & Customized Storytelling Workshops

Engaged to conduct two tailored workshop for volunteer teachers to use the HEB’s publications of various Indian myths and folktales in their respective classes.


Hindu Endowments Board Singapore


Client requested for a set of workshops to train their volunteer teachers in the art of storytelling (Introductory Level) using materials from specific publications i.e the Panchatantra Tales Vol 2 and Hitopadesha Tales Vol 2.

Date: 27 Mar – 27 Jun 2010
Duration: 2 hours per session
Quantity: 2 sessions total
Audience Capacity: 20 participants per session
Target Audience: Volunteer teachers, beginner/introductory level to storytelling


Kamini selected 2 stories from the specified publications, ‘The Frogs & The Snake’ and ‘The Donkey That Was A Tiger’ for the workshops.

Learn more about the event:

Introduction to Storytelling (Portfolio)