Home Truths: Crafting Tellable Personal Stories

Target Participants:

Participants must be fluent in English


2 hours

No. of Participants:


Notes for Organisers:

  • Please make available a fair-sized room that can easily accommodate tables and chairs for 26 people.
  • There will be some writing involved for this workshop – hence the need for some kind of writing surface (i.e. tables) for participants.
  • In addition, please provide pen/pencils, notepaper, plus sufficient sets of photocopied handouts for the participants.
  • Please also provide me with a whiteboard, and suitable marker pen & eraser

There are aspects of your life or the lives of people around you that you want to share with others. But how can you make such personal stories sound more interesting and substantial than mere anecdotal accounts? Home Truths aims to share some tips and tricks on how to shape personal stories into tellable, thought-provoking tales that will tantalise or delight your listeners.

About the Facilitator

Verena Tay has spent more than 25 years acting, directing and writing for Singaporean English-language theatre. She has three published collections of plays and is now working on her debut novel and first volume of short stories. In addition, Verena is an active storyteller-cum-storytelling coach and a co-founder of MoonShadow Stories. Possessing an MA in Voice Studies (Central School of Speech and Drama, 2005) and an MA in English Literature (National University of Singapore, 1993), she has been helping people to improve their communication skills since 2001 and currently teaches voice, speech and presentation skills at various local institutions. For more information about Verena, please visit www.verenatay.com.