Credit: NUS Centre For The Arts

An Evening of Enchantment

Part of HERE! Arts Carnival 2019

Storytelling performance in collaboration with NUS musical ensemble groups.

Date: 23 Aug 2019

8:15pm - 9:00pm

Location: UTown Dance Studio



For HERE! Arts Carnival / NUS Centre for the Arts

Falling in love, listening (or not listening) to our elders, deciding to say or not say something… join us in a journey into these #relatable moments and more with master storyteller Kamini Ramachandran, as our very own NUS Harmonica, NUS Guitar Ensemble (GENUS) and NUS Indian Instrumental Ensemble (IIE) take us away with soaring melodies both familiar and new.

About HERE! Arts Carnival

The high octane HERE! Arts Carnival welcomes both new and returning students to the new year.

HERE! is a curated showcase of diverse artistic opportunities that are available at NUS. Presented as a feast for the mind and the body, talents from campus and beyond perform across numerous stages while food vendors and other surprises punctuate the event with tasty flavours and other creative experiences.