Workshop for CCE Branch Officers
50 Stories From My Life - Book by S.R.Nathan
Participants discussing the values inherent in the book
Understanding different ways of telling the same story

Creative Storytelling In The CCE Classroom

Storytelling Workshop for Character and Citizenship Education

A special workshop focusing on '50 Stories From My Life' by S.R.Nathan

Date: 22 Jul 2014

9.00am - 5.00pm

Location: Ministry of Education
CCE Branch
Grange Road

A special storytelling workshop by Kamini Ramachandran focusing on Mr. S. R. Nathan's book '50 Stories From My Life' as a tool for Character & Citizenship Education.

Targetted at Education educators who wish to incorporate storytelling in the classroom specifically for Character & Citizenship Education lessons.

From the perspective of a practicing oral storyteller, this workshops aims to:

  • Guide you in the selection and manipulation of content that lends itself to being re-told.
  • Empower you with tools of effective communication.
  • Impart techniques in remembering, recalling and recapping a repertoire of stories.
  • Create awareness and foster control of your voice, body and breath.
  • Harness the power of the non-verbal skills you have.

Participants will be guided through a variety of exercises and activities, as individuals, in pairs and as groups to explore the fundamentals of effective communication.

This workshop will use material from Mr. S. R. Nathan’s book ‘50 Stories From My Life’ as a content base for all participants.

Mr. S. R Nathan (Singapore's 6th President) graced the workshop with his presence and participants had a fruitful Q&A session with the author.