The Ramayana
Pak Pandir and Gergasi
Kamini graces the cover of the Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2010 booklet!
Kamini shared her story of how she became a storyteller, and MoonShadow Stories' role in the revival of storytelling in Singapore. She was introduced by Bea Ferguson, Chairperson of The Scottish Storytelling Network.
Kamini and Dr Wajuppa Tossa (Thailand) shared the stage for Eastern Routes and told a story together, with some singing and dancing
A lovely display was set up by the main entrance with photos of invited storytellers
As part of her participation in the Festival, Kamini also toured Dumfries & new Galloway. She conducted a storytelling master class for local storytellers as well as performed at The Cat Strand.
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Scottish International Storytelling Festival

Eastern Routes

Kamini was invited to represent Malaysia and Singapore at the prestigious Scottish International Storytelling Festival 2010

Date: 17 – 29 Oct 2010
Location: The Scottish Storytelling Centre Theatre, Edinburgh
and various other venues

For Scottish International Storytelling Festival

Kamini performed at The Scottish Storytelling Centre, told stories in schools and travelled to Dumfries & New Galloway as part of her participation in the Festival. 

What is a story? How do you craft a story from scratch that is suitable for telling? Using specially selected stimulus and storytelling tools, you will be guided through a variety of activities to instantly create your own stories and also tell it. If you have never created a story before, or if you are stuck and inspiration has deserted you, this workshop is for you! At the end of the workshop you will go home with many different stories created by yourself and by your group members. You would have also told several stories out loud and listened to others share their new tales.

Areas Covered:

This interactive and very participative workshop will expose you to a variety of methods that will help you create new stories on the spot. The selected activities will expose you to the fundamentals and the basis of story making.
You will also listen to a professional storyteller tell you several stories during the workshop.

Remembering the Story
The Story Bag
The Story Circle
The Story Puzzle: Reconstructing a fractured folktale
The Object’s Story
The Autobiography
The Chain Story
Chinese Whispers Storytelling
The Story in Songs and Ballads
The Instructional Journey
Storytelling with Descriptive Language
Proverbs and Sayings for stories
Non-Verbal Communication
The Fundamental Elements of Story Structure

About the Facilitator

Kamini Ramachandran has been instrumental in the revival of the art of storytelling in Singapore through her work in MoonShadow Stories which she co-founded in 2004. She is a founder member as well as the President of the Storytelling Association (Singapore) from 2008 – 2012. She brings a wealth of story-crafting expertise with her through her customized storytelling content creation and storytelling consultancy experience.

Story Reference/s

Ramayana: Hanuman Discovers His Magical Powers (India)
Pak Pandir & Gergasi (Malaysia)
Umpong-Umpong & Babakud (Borneo, Sarawak)