Storytelling in Shillong, India
Hanuman entered the demon Surasa's mouth!
Legend of U-Thlen, the Man-eating Snake
Kamini shares Khasi folktales in Shillong
Kamini was presented with a shawl by Khasi elders
The plains
Stone monoliths at the Sacred Forest in Mawphlang
The Living Roots Bridge in Mawlinong

The Myths Within Us

An evening of storytelling

Storytelling in Shillong, Eastern India

Date: 8 Feb 2011

8.00pm - 9.30pm

Location: Dinam Hall

Kamini was in Shillong, in Meghalaya state in Eastern India in early February 2011.

She was invited by the Vice-Chancellor of the Martin Luther Christian University in Shillong to conduct workshops.

Together with Dr.Gideon Arulmani, she performed segments of The Ramayana as well as the Legend of U-Thlen, the Man-eating Snake and The Purple Crest from Khasi folklore. She was invited by the Shillong Performing Arts Society to share stories to a local audience.

During her stay in Meghalaya she was fortunate to travel to visit valleys, rivers, plains, the Sacred Forests and the Living Roots Bridge where she experienced Rooster's journey to bring back the Sun and the Moon who had gone into hiding.

Story Reference/s

The Purple Crest (Khasi)
U-Thlen the Man-Eating Snake (Khasi)