Hanuman: The Tale Behind The Name

Festival Commission for The Esplanade's Kalaa Utsavam Indian Festival of Arts

Written and narrated by storyteller Kamini Ramachandran

Date: 28 Nov 2015




Location: The Esplanade Recital Studio

$15 - $18


A festival commission for The Esplanade's Kalaa Utsavam Indian Festival of Arts - story written and narrated by Kamini Ramachandran.

What’s bright, big, round, and orange, and all alone up in the sky? Everyone knows it is Soorya the Sun, but not little Hanuman. Believing the sun to be a sweet, juicy, giant mango, the cheeky monkey child flew high up into the heavens just to get his little paws on his favourite fruit.

Through tales filled with courage and a dose of mischief, find out how little Hanuman was stopped from devouring the sun and became the fearless monkey god with ‘the broken chin’. Step into a world of adventure as the stories of Hanuman come alive through narration, sketches, dance and music. 

Written and narrated by Kamini Ramachandran 
Music composed and performed by Anil Srinivasan and Krishna Kishore
Choreography by Ponnamma Devaiah
Performed by Ponnamma Devaiah, Minal Merai, Ramassamy 
Visual sketches by Maria Regina Tuazon

Performed in English

Recommended for children aged 4–8