Storytelling Workshop for Parents by Kamini Ramachandran
Sharing storytelling skills with parents
Group storytelling using visual tools
Puppets and audience participation - getting the children involved in storytelling
Children learn in different ways - we can tell stories accordingly too
Storytelling for the little ones in the family
Engaged parents sharing stories using simple props

Storytelling Workshop for Parents

Kids aLIVE Home Edition Programme

For MUIS at Al-Mawaddah Mosque

Date: 30 Dec 2015

11.00am - 1.00pm

Location: Al-Mawaddah Mosque

Story Telling Workshop for Parents by Kamini Ramachandran - for Kids aLIVE Home Edition Programme at the Al-Mawaddah Mosque organized by MUIS (Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura), the Islamic Religious Council of Singapore.

Synopsis for Story Telling Workshop:

The story telling workshop will focus on techniques of engaging young children, selecting appropriate stories and different ways of telling stories for pre-schoolers.
Parents will be introduced to draw-and-tell stories, hand action tales, rhyming tales, story songs, using puppets and props etc. The stories will emphasise good values from different cultures.
Parents will be given an opportunity to participate and share stories in a group activity. The storyteller will touch on the importance of vocal variation, facial expression and gestures when telling to young children.