Promise – Jazz On Strings

A celebration of life through jazz music

Storyteller Kamini Ramachandran is narrator for this musical recital

Date: 11 – 12 Aug 2015


Location: The Recital Studio
The Esplanade

$38 (standard)
$30 (concessions)


Promise – Jazz On Strings brings together 8 musicians and a narrator at The Recital Studio of The Esplanade.

Kamini Ramachandran - Narrator

Rick Smith - Composer, Guitarist and Creative Director
Yong Kailin – Violin and Composer
Yap Shu Mei - Violin
Lim Chun - Viola
Robert Choi - Cello
Felix Phang - Double Bass
Richard Jackson - Vocals, percussion
Pablo Cazaldo – Percussion

"Music and stories have the power to heal the human heart. A composer takes time to arrange a sequence of notes so they become more than just a melody. A writer carefully selects a string of words so they do more than just communicate. As artists, we constantly reflect and create. And we strive to touch hearts through our work. Promise Jazz is a musical experience that will strike a chord in everyone. It rejoices in life’s journey, common to all of us. Listen, and let it linger … " - Kamini Ramachandran

"PROMISE – Jazz on Strings is a celebration of life through jazz, a heart-warming journey that sings of life’s bittersweet moments, of hardship and heartache, joy and happiness, hope and redemption"   Jeremy Lee, Executive Producer & Co-Founder/Visionary - CANAAN