And he ran all the way up to the mountain!
Courtesy of NParks
Pointing to the baobab trees beyond
Inside the spectacular Flower Dome
Wild Dog, Monkey and Tortoise
What is the name of the Magic Tree?
The Competition of the Birds
And all the brids flew up, up, up into the sky!
Eagle was the last bird left up in the sky!
Deep inside the hollow of the banyan tree there lived a snake ...
Did you know that elephants once had wings and could fly?

The Story Garden

Listen to a host of stories in the company of wise trees and be transported into another world!

Storytelling performances for the launch of Gardens By The Bay.

Date: 4 – 6 Jul 2012

5.00pm - 5.30pm

6.00pm - 6.30pm

Location: Wed & Thu: The Flower Dome
Fri: Indian Heritage Garden

Kamini shared stories at the new Gardens By The Bay over three days as part of their opening celebrations.

Come and listen to stories of magical trees that give life, tales of might and strength, stories of what takes place underneath the banyan tree and the time when elephants could fly!

At The Flower Dome:

The Magic Tree (linking the numerous baobab trees in the surrounding area)

The Competition of the Birds (linking the majestic carved wooden Eagle statue)

At The Indian Heritage Garden:

The Crows & The Snake (linking the banyan tree nearby)

How Elephant Lost his Wings (linking the terracotta elephant statues in the surrounding area)

Story Reference/s

The Competition of the Birds (Europe)
The Magic Tree (Africa)
How Elephants Lost Their Wings (India)
The Crows & The Snake (India)