The Storyteller’s Core

Target Participants:

Open to experienced storytellers in English who wish to improve their storytelling


1 session, three hours per session

No. of Participants:

Min: 8 people; Max: 15 people

Pre-Workshop Preparation:

  • Participants who are able to communicate fluently in English are welcome.
  • Please come dressed in loose, comfortable clothing so that you will not feel constricted while doing the various physical actitivies.
  • Please bring at least 2 stories that you would like to improve your ability to tell.

Notes for Organisers:

  • Please make available preferably a rehearsal room or studio with no encumbrances that allows free movement.
  • Alternatively, a classroom with fair acoustics is possible, as long as all the furniture in the room has been removed or pushed aside so that participants can move about the entire space unhampered.

The secret behind any dynamic performer is often his/her ability to command the body’s core muscles to support the performance. So if you wish to become a more vibrant and animated storyteller, let experienced storytelling coach Verena Tay share with you some practical tips on how to activate and utilize your physical centre so that you can speak, move and perform with a power and strength you never knew you had.

Areas Covered:

  • Discover your core muscles and how to connect to them.
  • Explore how you can use these core muscles to support your storytelling.
  • Integrate your speech and movement so that you can tell stories in a livelier manner.
About the Facilitator

Verena Tay has spent more than 25 years acting, directing and writing for Singaporean English-language theatre. She has three published collections of plays and is now working on her debut novel and first volume of short stories. In addition, Verena is an active storyteller-cum-storytelling coach and a co-founder of MoonShadow Stories. Possessing an MA in Voice Studies (Central School of Speech and Drama, 2005) and an MA in English Literature (National University of Singapore, 1993), she has been helping people to improve their communication skills since 2001 and currently teaches voice, speech and presentation skills at various local institutions. For more information about Verena, please visit