The Body & Storytelling

Body Story

1 session, one hour per session
Participants: Min: 10 people; Max: 30 people

Want to learn to tell a simple Asian folktale out loud and with your own gestures? You can! In this workshop, you first listen and watch a storyteller. Then you take part in fun-filled activities that will help you discover ways to tell the story in your own words and with your own movements. Are you ready? All right, get... {Details}.

The Storyteller’s Core

1 session, three hours per session
Participants: Min: 8 people; Max: 15 people

The secret behind any dynamic performer is often his/her ability to command the body’s core muscles to support the performance. So if you wish to become a more vibrant and animated storyteller, let experienced storytelling coach Verena Tay share with you some practical tips on how to activate and utilize your physical centre so that you can... {Details}.