Props & Tools

Props & Tools for Storytelling

Minimum 2 hours for a basic introductory workshop and maximum depends on number of items selected.
Participants: Minimum 15 maximum 40

This customized workshop will expose participants to a wide variety of both professional and simple storytelling props and tools that can be used for both public performances and smaller scale storytelling in homes, libraries, classrooms and other situations. The workshop will demonstrate the correct use of these props and tools and participants will be guided to tell stories using these... {Details}.

The Multi-purpose Prop

1 session, three hours per session
Participants: Min: 10 people; Max: 20 people

Just as how we use words to stimulate the imagination of our audiences, let us storytellers use props in a discerning and resourceful manner to support our storytelling. In this workshop, let experienced storytelling coach and theatre practitioner Verena Tay guide you in expanding the possibilities of using a chosen prop and then integrating these new options within your telling... {Details}.