Book Cover of Around the Hearth: Khasi Legends

Around the Hearth: Khasi Legends

Kynpham Sing Nongkynrih

Penguin, India, 2007
ISBN: 0143103016

Stories Referenced:

U-Thlen the Man-Eating Snake

The earthquake that created some of the more famous gorges of the Meghalaya terrain is attributed to the final death throes of U-Thlen. How did this giant snake come to crave human flesh? Why is people still whisper about the 'keepers of the Thlen' that dwell among us?
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The Purple Crest

There was a time when the Sun and Moon went to hide themselves far, far away from Man. The entire world was engulfed in darkness. Who would be brave enough to go and persuade the Sun to please return and bring back the light that they all so missed?
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